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Travel with your pet


Type of accommodations 

You have three options to travel with your pet: 

  • - Small carrier (up to 10kg)
  • - Large carrier (over 10kg)


All our carriers are disinfected with products that do not harm your pet's skin or are harmful to their health. 

Documentation and necessary aspects to travel with your pet 

In order to travel with your pet, you must have a valid health card and comply with the necessary hygienic-sanitary measures. The passenger must be responsible for their pet and its feeding. If necessary, the crew will provide a container for you to feed and drink your pet.

Where can my pet travel? 

Your pet must always travel in a carrier in designated areas. 

The carriers are located in a properly ventilated part of the boat and where your pet will be, at all times, safe and protected. Our staff will be in charge of ensuring that your pet is in the best conditions during the journey. 

For security reasons and to avoid causing problems to the rest of the passengers, your pet is not allowed to travel inside the vehicle parked in the hold during the journey. 

If you want to travel with your pet, we have seats enabled to do so. You must carry your pet inside a carrier and place it either under the seat or on your lap. This option is only available for small pets (up to 8kg maximum with the carrier included).

Embarkation and disembarkation of pets 

For both embarkation and disembarkation, dogs must be on a leash and, if it is a dangerous breed, they must also wear a muzzle. 

For safety reasons, passengers traveling with their pet must disembark last. 


Special pets 

For non-common pets, you must bring your own cage or carrier and indicate it in the reservation. 

Assistance dogs 

Assistance dogs that accompany people with disabilities have free access to any of the ship's lounges and their boarding will be completely free. In any case, it must be indicated in the reservation. 

Remember that the animal is the responsibility of the passenger, who will prevent his pet from causing inconvenience to the rest of the passengers and will be responsible for any damage that the animal may cause on board.